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This old abandoned school building in a small village of Karnataka was converted into a refugee camp for Sri Lankan kids.

Kids, who flee every year in thousands…with or without their families, to find life in different parts of India. The ones in this school camp…didn’t reach with their families.

I was told that the resources received for this building were borderline enough to feed them. Some classrooms remained abandoned, some were converted into dormitories, while some still had a little life left with colouring books with short inspirational stories.

My friends started an NGO to infuse new life into old rotten school buildings, in order to better the learning process. They cared about basics - clean sanitation, water and colourful walls. This one was one of the chosen ones and I tagged along to capture some stories. Outside of this depressed classroom though, children were still smiling, playing, enjoying - completely oblivious of what they did not have…I Guess the entire focus was on what they did!


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