• Bharat Bedi

Logisstiss Binness!

Logisstiss Binness

He didn’t really like when I asked him how long had he been driving for.

"Eh, I am not a driver… It’s a logisstiss binness…its been 3 years".

"What about you? You will click and make money out of this picture, right? You should probably pay up - show me what you clicked"

I leaned in to the van through the window to show him the picture. I could smell that he spent a lot of time in the driver seat sleeping, eating and driving.

He grabbed the camera body and held it with a grip. I held the strap tightly on the other side and asked, "You headed for work?"

"No, going home now. Went outside Mumbai for a delivery", he replied with a sense of pride.

"How much is it for", he asked as he returned the camera.

I ignored his camera curiosity and asked "Can you give me a ride till the next signal"

He started the engine… I took it as a yes, got into the van, and heard him say, "20 rupees" as he adjusted the rear view mirror! He saw me nodding my head and put the vehicle in first gear.


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