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Updated: May 30, 2020

An Urdu word with an Arabic root meaning "Heaven".

A huge camera and a zoom lens pointed at this little one, got him scared. He kept staring back right into the lens while walking backwards. I didn’t have the heart to click that handsome young boy, with a scared expression…so I smiled to calm him down and it didn’t work.

His mother sat right behind him, amused while she witnessed what was going on. He took a few more steps and realise she was around, felt protected, changed expression, continued to look into the camera, to give me this image.

As I looked at my camera to check the image, I heard his mother saying, “dont get scared, he is harmless”

I continued to look into my camera as I remembered these lines from Munnavar Rana:

"Chalti firti aankon se azaan dekhi hai,

Maine jannat to nahi dekhi, maa dekhi hai"


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